About Melikhan Carpets

What Services Does Melikhan Carpets Offer?

Melikhan Carpets is a manufacturer of machine-made area rugs and carpets in a wide range of qualities with 14 loom of 400 cm and 500 cm by using featured PP yarns and polyester yarns in all densities. The company can manufacture customized quality designs and sizes depending on customer demand. Melikhan Carpets is the exporter company of Reyhan Carpets belonging to the same group of companies.

Does Melikhan Carpets Provide Service Abroad?

Melikhan Carpets is one of the biggest exporters of carpets and rugs in Turkey serving the USA, South American countries, European countries, African countries, Middle East countries and Far Eastern countries. The company mainly works with wholesalers and chain stores all around the world. The company frequently visits all world markets to follow the trends and to introduce the newly developed R&D products of the company.

Since the company works mainly with wholesalers and chain stores, the minimum order quantity is a 20 ft container for non-customized standard ongoing production items and a 40 ft container order for complete custom orders.

Melikhan Carpets would be happy to welcome and host the customers in factory facilities in Gaziantep to facilitate the ordering process of the demands.

Why Choose Melikhan Carpets When Buying Carpets?

Melikhan Carpets are being chosen by the leading wholesalers all over the world due to the ability to supply consistent quality and fulfilment capacity of the given commitments regardless of the changing conditions. Therefore the company have a know reputation in the carpet manufacturing sector.

What is the Difference of Melikhan Carpets from Other Carpet Manufacturers?

Melikhan Carpets approaches the business relationship with the customers with the principle of empathy. The company puts itself in the shoes of the wholesaler and understands the motives of customers. The company has a long experience in production and wholesalers' required attitude and therefore the company gives proper advice to the wholesalers with the help of 30 years of business experience. The company also considers its customers’ long-term profitability to be able to create win-to-win relationships.

What are Melikhan Carpets' After-Sales Services?

The company follows up with the wholesalers after the arrival of the goods in their warehouses to make sure of 100% customer satisfaction. The company never sees the initial sales as a success, it plans the continuous sales from the first sales to have long-term success for all parties in the chain. The real success for the company starts with the succeeding sales, which shows the initial sales to have been done properly. The company recommends all new customers from the initial meeting to make sure that they know what the market needs and what they offer.

How to Get Information About Carpet Prices?

The company would be happy to assist with pricing offers when reached through the company emails.

Which Cargo Companies Does Melikhan Carpets Work With? 

Organization of the transportation of the goods can be arranged by Melikhan Carpets upon the demand of the customer. The company collects several offers from several shipment lines and informs the customer that containers are organized by the final selection of the customer from different options.

In How Many Days Does Melikhan Carpets Deliver Orders?

The average shipping time for all orders in Melikhan Carpets is 30 days of shipment after the final confirmation of the order. 30 days is the average production time. This period can be shorter or longer depending on the demanded quality and the customer is informed about this before the confirmation of the order.

Which Banks Does Melikhan Carpets Work With?

Melikhan Carpets are working with all international banks to facilitate the transfer of the funds.

The company is a sister company of Reyhan Carpets which had been set up in 1989.

Meilkhan carpets had been founded by Mustafa Ozpineci after joining as a partner with Reyhan Carpets in 2010.

What are the Working Hours of Melikhan Carpets?

The company is operating from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Where is Melikhan Carpets Headquarters? 

The company headquarters is located in Gaziantep/Turkiye and the company do not have any branches.

What is Melikhan Carpets' Vision?

Melikhan Carpets is willing to be the leading brand coming to the mind of people when it comes to flooring that was born in Turkiye. Melikhan Carpets is working to consubstantiate its name the word carpet and rug.

What is the Mission of Melikhan Carpets?

The mission of the company is to offer competitive rates and sustainable high-quality products. The company works to create value for the lives of the customers by creating highly decorated living places.

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