Carpet Manucafturer For USA

Carpet Manufacturer for USA

Melikhan Carpets is one the biggest carpet and rug manufacturers for the US market.
The company design high-quality products, and export to the US market.

Biggest Carpet Manufacturer and Exporter In Turkey

Melikhan Carpet Manufacturing Company is using latest technology van de Wiele looms, by using different featured machines to offer flexibility and produce customized carpets and rugs to the customers and US market.

Customized color and dye choices play a significant role in product appeal and market acceptance. By understanding the market needs and preferences, a professional manufacturer can help you select the right colors and dyes that align with current trends and consumer demands. They can also provide guidance on color selection based on factors such as cultural preferences, target audience demographics, and the overall branding strategy.



Best Carpet Models & Manufacturer in USA

1- Polyester Carpet Manufacturer for USA

Crafting exquisite and durable polyester carpets, our manufacturing prowess caters to the discerning taste of the USA, weaving comfort and style into every fiber.

2- Polypropylene Rugs and Carpets Manufacturer for USA

As a leading innovator in the realm of textile craftsmanship, we specialize in producing high-quality polypropylene rugs and carpets, elevating homes across the USA with a harmonious blend of resilience and aesthetic charm.

3- BCF Carpet Manufacturer for USA

Pioneering the artistry of BCF carpet manufacturing, our commitment resonates in every thread, weaving a tapestry of quality and luxury that graces homes throughout the USA with timeless elegance.

4- BCF Carpet Manufacturer for USA

Mastering the intricate weave of innovation and craftsmanship, our BCF carpet manufacturing sets the standard for excellence, bringing a touch of sophistication to homes across the USA.

5- Turkish Rug / Carpet Manufacturer for USA

Infusing the rich heritage of Turkish craftsmanship into every meticulously woven thread, our rug and carpet manufacturing endeavors bring the timeless allure of Turkish artistry to homes across the USA, a tapestry of tradition and elegance.

6- Wall To Wall Carpets Manufacturer for USA

As a premier wall-to-wall carpets manufacturer for the USA, we seamlessly blend comfort and style, transforming living spaces into cozy havens with our meticulously crafted floor coverings that meet the highest standards of quality and design.

7- Chenille Rug Manufacturer for USA

Embracing the velvety luxury of chenille, our rug manufacturing endeavors redefine comfort and sophistication, weaving tactile elegance into homes across the USA with each meticulously crafted thread.

8- Persian Rug & Carpet Manufacturer for USA

Transporting the opulence of Persian artistry to homes across the USA, our rug and carpet manufacturing excellence intricately intertwines tradition and luxury, creating an enduring tapestry of timeless beauty underfoot.

9-Mosque Carpet & Prayer Rug Manufacturer for USA

Guided by precision and reverence, we specialize in crafting mosque carpets and prayer rugs, weaving a spiritual tapestry that enhances the sacred ambiance of prayer spaces throughout the USA with exceptional quality and devotion.

10- Afghan Carpets Manufacturer for USA

Embarking on a journey of cultural richness, our Afghan carpets manufacturing brings the intricate artistry of Afghanistan to homes across the USA, blending tradition and craftsmanship to create floor coverings that resonate with authenticity and warmth.

Why Do Our Customer Chooes Us When Buying Carpets and Rugs ?

  • A Turkish Tradition & Family Business

  • Competitive Price / Differentiated Quality

  • Countless Carpet / Rug types and Quality Options

  • High Variety of Yarn & Color Option

As Melikhan Carpet

The main mission of our company

to continuously renew ourselves with the lowest cost possible without compromising customer satisfaction.

"Melikhan Carpet is one of the leading carpet manufacturer company for US market and serving the carpet production sector with it 16 looms with different reeds and widths since 1989. Currently our company is exporting its carpets to wholesalers more than 20 countries in the World."


Melikhan Carpet is able to provide different quality and customized services according to the market demands and customer special requests.

The company frequently visits the markets alongside customers, distributors, the company demonstrates a proactive effort to understand and address the special needs of customers, retailers and consumers.

Creating customized relationships can provide wholesalers with unique advantages over their competitors in the markets.

When customers are seeking immediate and responsive solutions for sudden problems, working with a company that can effectively address their needs is highly valuable. 

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and implementing a strict quality control mechanism in production, the company is taking important steps to ensure the success of its products at the final point of sale.

Providing competitive prices, stable high product quality, and timely delivery are indeed crucial factors for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Let's explore each of these aspects and their significance:

  1. Competitive prices: Offering competitive prices allows the company to attract customers by providing value for their money. Customers are often price-conscious and compare prices before making a purchase decision. By offering competitive pricing, the company can position itself favorably in the market and increase its appeal to potential customers.
  2. Stable high product quality: Consistently maintaining high product quality is essential for customer satisfaction and loyalty. When customers purchase rugs or carpets, they expect durability, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. By delivering products that meet or exceed these expectations, the company can establish a reputation for offering reliable and high-quality products. This builds trust and encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
  3. Timely delivery: Timely delivery is a critical factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers have specific deadlines or timeframes within which they expect to receive their ordered products. Late deliveries can lead to frustration, disappointment, and inconvenience for customers. By prioritizing timely delivery, the company demonstrates its commitment to meeting customer expectations and building trust.
  4. Building trust and loyalty: When a company consistently delivers competitive prices, high product quality, and timely delivery, it fosters trust and loyalty among its customers. Trust is a valuable asset in any business relationship and can lead to repeat purchases and long-term customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are also more likely to recommend the company to others, contributing to its growth and success.
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