Carpet Manucafturer For UK

Carpet Manufacturer for UK

Melikhan Carpet offers customized quality and service according to
the market and customer's special realities is a valuable capability for any company.
Customization allows you to tailor yourofferings to meet the unique needs,
preferences, and requirements of your target market and individual customers.

Biggest Carpet Manufacturer and Exporter In Turkey

Utilizing the latest technology van de Wiele looms and employing various featured machines to offer flexibility and produce customized carpets and rugs demonstrates Melikhan Carpet Factory's commitment to innovation and meeting customer demands. Here are some advantages of using advanced technology and machines for customization:

    1. Enhanced production efficiency: The use of modern technology and machines allows for more efficient and streamlined production processes. This can result in increased productivity, shorter lead times, and a higher output of customized carpets and rugs. It enables the factory to meet customer demands in a timely manner.
    2. Greater design possibilities: Advanced looms and machines offer increased flexibility in terms of design options. They can handle a wide range of patterns, colors, and textures, enabling the creation of unique and customized products. This allows Melikhan Carpet Factory to cater to diverse customer preferences and offer a wide variety of choices.
    3. Consistency in quality: Technology-driven production processes can help ensure consistency in the quality of carpets and rugs. Automated machinery and advanced looms allow for precise control and accuracy in weaving, resulting in high-quality products with minimal variations. Consistent quality is crucial for customer satisfaction and maintaining a strong reputation.
    4. Adaptability to market trends: With the ability to produce customized carpets and rugs, Melikhan Carpet Factory can quickly respond to changing market trends and customer preferences. By leveraging advanced technology, the factory can stay up-to-date with emerging design trends and offer products that align with current market demands.
    5. Improved customer experience: Offering customized carpets and rugs enhances the overall customer experience. Customers appreciate having the opportunity to personalize their purchases according to their specific preferences, whether it's selecting colors, patterns, or sizes. This level of customization allows customers to feel more engaged and satisfied with their purchase, leading to increased customer loyalty.

    In summary, utilizing the latest technology van de Wiele looms and featured machines provides Melikhan Carpet Factory with several advantages, including enhanced production efficiency, greater design possibilities, consistency in quality, adaptability to market trends, and improved customer experience. These factors contribute to the factory's ability to offer customized carpets and rugs that meet the unique demands of their customers.


Why Do Our Customer Chooes Us When Buying Carpets and Rugs ?

  • A Turkish Tradition & Family Business

  • Competitive Price / Differentiated Quality

  • Countless Carpet / Rug types and Quality Options

  • High Variety of Yarn & Color Option

As Melikhan Carpet

The main mission of our company

to continuously renew ourselves with the lowest cost possible without compromising customer satisfaction.

"Melikhan Carpet is one of the leading carpet manufacturer company located in Turkey/Gaziantep serving the carpet production sector with it 16 looms with different reeds and widths since 1989. Currently our company is exporting its carpets to wholesalers more than 20 countries in the World."


Offering customized quality and service, frequent market visits, individual evaluation of business transactions, and creating customized relationships can provide the company with unique advantages in the market.

Customers who are in need of immediate and responsive solutions for sudden problems are likely to prefer working with a company that can effectively address their needs. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and implementing a strict quality control mechanism in production, the company can achieve success at the final point of sale so Melikhan Carpets able to provide all these services to the customers from all around the world.


In Melikhan Carpets, the price range of products depends on various factors, including the customers' targeted quality types and product features. Since products can be produced at any budget level based on customer demand, it's essential to consider specific factors that influence pricing.

In Melikhan Carpets, the manufacturing process involves the use of the latest technology van de Wiele looms. These looms are known for their advanced capabilities and are utilized to create a wide range of carpets and rugs. Additionally, the company employs various featured machines to enhance flexibility and cater to the customization needs of customers. These machines enable Melikhan Carpets to produce carpets and rugs that meet specific design, size, and quality requirements.

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