Authentic Carpet Manufacturing for Ghana by Melikhan

Melikhan pioneers authentic carpet manufacturing in Ghana, weaving a tapestry of tradition and elegance in every rug.

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The Cultural Tapestry of Ghana's Carpet Heritage

Our journey intricately intertwines with Ghana's rich carpet heritage, celebrating diversity through the artistry of our craftsmanship.

Melikhan's Craftsmanship Embraces Ghana's Heritage

Melikhan's craftsmanship seamlessly melds with Ghana's heritage, yielding carpets that encapsulate the essence of the nation's traditions.


Why Do Our Customer Chooes Us When Buying Carpets and Rugs ?

  • A Turkish Tradition & Family Business

  • Competitive Price / Differentiated Quality

  • Countless Carpet / Rug types and Quality Options

  • High Variety of Yarn & Color Option

As Melikhan Carpet

The main mission of our company

to continuously renew ourselves with the lowest cost possible without compromising customer satisfaction.

"Melikhan Carpet is one of the leading carpet manufacturer company located in Turkey/Gaziantep serving the carpet production sector with it 16 looms with different reeds and widths since 1989. Currently our company is exporting its carpets to wholesalers more than 20 countries in the World."


We wholeheartedly embrace Ghana's deeply rooted carpet-making traditions, weaving a narrative of history and artistry into every piece.

Ghana's captivating landscapes and vibrant culture are the wellsprings of inspiration for our carpet designs, infusing them with a unique local charm.

We deftly blend global expertise with Ghana's local preferences, crafting products that resonate both locally and globally.

Melikhan's signature products in Ghana exemplify our unwavering commitment to excellence and creativity.

Polyester carpets harmoniously merge durability and elegance, making them the perfect choice for homes and businesses in Ghana.

Explore the sophistication and warmth of the square pattern brown carpet, a true testament to enduring design.

Elevate your space with the unique and captivating design of the BCF round pattern brown carpet.

Persian colors bring opulence and richness to Ghana's interiors, reflecting a rich cultural tapestry.

Turkish Rug

Reflecting Centuries of Weaving Heritage: Turkish rugs are a testament to centuries of weaving heritage and artistic design.

Afghan Carpets/Rugs

Capturing Afghanistan's Cultural Essence: Afghan carpets and rugs encapsulate the essence of Afghanistan's rich cultural heritage.

Modern Innovation

Modern Innovation Meets Tradition

The W2W Istanbul Brown Patterned Carpet seamlessly blends modern elegance with traditional Turkish motifs.

Wall To Wall Carpets

Wall-to-wall carpets offer seamless coverage, marrying practicality and aesthetics.

Specialty Collections

Crafting Sacred Spaces and Timeless Beauty: Our specialty collections, including mosque carpets and prayer rugs, create sacred atmospheres, while Wilton carpets provide enduring quality.

Tufting Carpet

Experience the softness and durability of tufting carpets.

Material Mastery

Celebrating Polypropylene (PP) Rugs: Polypropylene rugs are celebrated for their stain resistance and affordability.

BCF Carpet

Durability for High-Traffic Areas: BCF carpets are known for their durability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Chenille Rug

Velvety Softness and Intricate Texture: Chenille rugs offer velvety softness and intricate texture.

Polyester Chenille Blue Patterned Carpet

Combining Comfort with Captivating Design: The Polyester Chenille Blue Patterned Carpet seamlessly combines comfort with captivating design.

Our Carpet Creation Process Tailored for Ghana

Our carpet creation process is thoughtfully tailored to celebrate Ghana's unique culture and beauty.

Local Materials

Proudly Incorporating Ghana's Native Resources: We take pride in incorporating Ghana's native materials, championing local sustainability.

Artistry and Techniques: A Fusion of Ghana's Traditional Methods and Modern Innovations

We artfully blend Ghana's traditional carpet-making techniques with modern innovations, creating rugs that pay homage to heritage while embracing progress.

Customized Carpet Solutions for Ghana Homes

Our bespoke carpet solutions cater to the unique needs and preferences of Ghana's homes.

Cultural Expressions: Carpets that Echo Ghana's Heritage and Stories

Our carpets are adorned with cultural expressions that resonate with Ghana's rich heritage and the stories woven into its vibrant history.

Versatile Sizes: Perfect Fits for Both Urban and Rural Settings in Ghana

Our carpets come in a range of versatile sizes, ensuring they are suitable for both urban and rural settings across Ghana.

Comprehensive Care: From installation to maintenance, we've got Ghana covered

We provide comprehensive care, from installation to maintenance, ensuring Ghana's carpet needs are expertly met.

Connect with Melikhan in Ghana

Connect with Melikhan in Ghana to experience the finest in carpet craftsmanship and transform your living spaces.

Reach Out: Let's Craft Stories Together in Ghana

Reach out to us, and together, let's craft beautiful stories through our carpets in Ghana, with each rug becoming a unique chapter in the tapestry of your home.

Our Commitment: Our unwavering commitment to Ghana's carpet enthusiasts

Our commitment is an unwavering promise to the carpet enthusiasts of Ghana, delivering quality, beauty, and tradition in every rug we create.

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